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Bigg Boss Season 6 ~25th December 2012 ~Written Updates

Bigg Boss Season 6 
25th December 2012
Written Updates

Day 79 

8 am - Wake up song is white white face dekhe dil dance maare re ... Star
Karishma these days is always  lively in the mornings with her jhatkas Wink
Rajeev checks out a phone booth in the garden and tells Sana its a 
proper phone with a dialtone . She checks it out and he says maybe they will be given a chance to talk to their family.Embarrassed
9 am - Rajeev says subah chai nahi peeya toh sarr dukhta hai . Because of the task the gas supply has been cut off and hence no tea or proper breakfast. Confused
9.15 am - An alarm is sounded indicating that clothes are being sent on the conveyor belt Star Dirty clothes as well as undergarments are sent and Imam says that girls should not touch it . Rajeev picks up a paper from the belt and Imam tells him to give it to him since he is the captain 
 Rajeev snaps and says no where it is written that only a captain can read it Angry Rajeev reads out that BB has sent another round of 100 clothes and if completed then one more service including gas would be started.
Karishma gets some raw noodles and shares it with sana and ashka . 
Sapna tells Karishma that she did not share noodles with her Angry. She 
says that everyone had brownies and no one gave her .Karishma 
comes to apologise to Sapna and she says she thought she was 
sleeping.Sleepy Sapna says she was the one to speak about Imam eating 
half a cake .So what if he had it  Niketan tries to take up for karishma and sapna says whenever she cooks she calls out to everyone and makes them have it Sleepy
 Niketan also tells Karishma that she goes out of her way to be nice to 
ashka and sana 
10.45 am - Karishma and Niketan are talking . He tells her to do her 
own work and Sapna is angry and is just venting it out .Sapna tells urvashi and ashka that karishma also said that there were no brownies left where in fact there was . 
11 am - Clothes are drying on the grass and niketan checks if clothes 
are dried . Imam snaps at him and tells him not to give him gyaan . Niketan says because he does not have brains he has to guide him .
Imam tells him that pehle society mein apni jagah bana ..  fir baat kar . Ouch
11.15 am - Imam is sitting alone and making animal sounds  and 
Niketan tells rajeev ,delu that he has never seen Imam in any of the 
party circuits . 
11.30 am - Karishma comes to manao Sapna and gives her  share of 
tin of coffee --awww Embarrassed.They make up and Sapna tells her to tell niketan not to take up for her and that she should fight her own battles LOL
11.45 am - Karishma tells Niketan that she was happy that he 
defended her but should not do so more since she has made up with Sapna Big smile
Niketan tells Urvashi that see 2 hours before karishma had a problem 
with sapna and now she gifted her coffee . LOLNiketan doesn't like it and Karishma asks Urvashi what did she do Confused Urvi replies I don't know I was sleepingWink
12.30 pm - The phone rings and Urvashi picks up the phone . BB asks 
her to get her favourite contestant with her to the confession room . 
She takes Niketan along with her and there is a spread of breakfast 
which only they can and have to eat  Wink.Since there is no gas both feel bad that none have eaten.The alarm is sounded and more dirty clothes are sent in.BB sends some bananas for the rest of the housemates .Embarrassed
Rest of the housemates are wondering where urvashi and niketan 
have gone . Both finish the breakfast and can take leave . Niketan 
tells her that they should pretend that they were given a khufiya 
task. He then tells everyone that they were given breakfast . 
1.30 pm - Delu tells Urvashi to have banana . Ashka says she is sure 
urvashi didn't have the food she was asked to  and she replies BB asked them to have it .Sapna tells Urvashi tu banana nahi kha rahi hai tera banana kha lun Wink And all laugh on it . 
5 pm - Delu asks Rajeev to clean up the house and bring chairs, tissue boxes and all. Rajeev refuses to do it and laughs it off by saying he is a hurt person LOL
BB announces that the task is over . 
7.15 pm - Rajeev and Sana are in the garden and they hear santa's jingling . A person dressed as santa enters the house and gets gifts like biscuits milk etc. Sapna as usual jumps on Santa. LOL
Niketan tells the santa to speak in hindi  . Sana reads out a letter from BB saying that since it is christmas he is sending something connected with the luxury budget for them . WinkSome of the stuff they get -- 
Niketan ~ Coffee
Sana ~ Mayonnaise
Sapna ~ Cheese
Rajeev ~ Chicken
Imam ~ Chocolate

9:15 pm : Urvashi reads out instructions from BB to organise an award show in which 13 categories are set. The winners will be decided according to the poll of the members.

Aakarshak Award
Khushmijaaz Award
Nautanki Award
Chugli Khor Award
Dhongi Award
Roondu Award
Badtameez Award
Chipku Award
Bewakuf Award
KamChor Award
Aswach Award
Darawana Award
Hatke Award

BB sends Ballet papers to vote for the categoriesStar

10.45 pm - A party atmosphere is created in the activity area with proper seating and lights . Imam starts the show dancing to Bigg Boss's title song. Star  
The nominees are announced --- 
Akarshak members --niketan ,sapna ,sana and karishma 
Award goes to Karishma Star
Khush mizaaj member  - Sana and Niketan --Award goes to sana Embarrassed
Sabse bada nautanki - Imam ,Karishma ,Sapna and Rajeev  Award goes to Imam LOL
Sabse chuglikhor - Rajeev .Imam and Niketan - Award goes to niketan who reads it out himself .Wink All give him a standing ovation Clap
Sabse dhongi - Imam ,delnaz ,karishma and Ashka are nominated - Award goes to ImamShocked
Sana dances to tu cheez badi ha mast mast . 
Imam calls poetry writer Rajeev Paul on stage to announce the next category 
Most rondu - Rajeev and Ashka - Ashka is the winner Star
Mot badtameez - Nominees are Sapna Imam and Rajeev -- Imam is the winner Star
Sabse chipkoo member - Rajeev LOL
Most Bevakuf member - Rajeev wins unanimously LOL
Most Kamchor member - Delnaz Imam Rajeev and Niketan --The winner is Niketan . Embarrassed
Asvach member - Rajeev and Imam are nominated Dead-- Winner is Imam 
Most Daravna member - Imam Confused
Sabse hatke member - Sapna karishma and urvashi are nominated --- Urvashi is the winner Clap

11:30 pm : Imam arranges all the title sashes he has received .. In the kitchen Niketan searches for  Chicken.. but sees  Milk inside the ice tray.Shocked Sapna and Rajeev talks about the Imam's food habits.

Niketan tells Imam that he has a bad habit of keeping milk in the freezer.LOLImam snaps at him and niketan walks off . Rajeev and Niketan remove the sashes which are draped  on the chair and drop it down . They have a good laugh. Delnaaz and Imam pick it up  and head into the house.
Delnaaz and Rajeev talk about his nomination for the bewakuf category. ( Rajeev seems a bit irritated ).Delnaz says atleasy you got awards I didn't get any . He laughs and tells her to take his bewakoof award LOL
Imam holds a  picture of his father and mentions his dad's  contribution in the field of hockey and his own in the entertainment field . He thanks Bigg Boss for the awards.LOL

Precap : Christmas Celebration is on . Rajeev and Delu fight about Sana.. Sapna and Imam are asked to pack and move their luggage in the store room.Shocked

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