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Bigg Boss Season 6 ~24th December 2012~Written Updates

Bigg Boss Season 6 
24th December 2012
Written Updates

Day 78 
8 am - Wake up song is hoja rangeela re ..WinkKarishma and Sana dance as if there is an oomph competition LOL Bipasha had sent some cake for the housemates the day she had come in the house . Imam has quite a big piece Big smile Delnaz tells him to leave some for the housemates .Karishma tells rajeev and urvashi that Imam is having half of the cake Angry.Niketan tells Karishma to tell Imam to make 10 parts Clap. Urvashi comes out and sees that half is over and comments on it ConfusedImam says he as well as Delu and Karishma had it .She raves about it and Imam tells her that she also had his share of food the night before but he didn't say anything . If they taunt him for food he will also start taunting them Confused
Urvashi tells sana she just had half a brownie and 2 cookies and nearly a whole basket is over . Urvashi screams and says how is Imam saying that it was his khicdhi . She says zindagi mein kabhi nahi khaun mein kisi ka khaana .Ouch She tells everyone not to talk to Imam at all . All say they have the guts and urvashi tells delu she doesn't have the guts to not talk to Imam.
11.15 am - Imam is putting on some makeup and he tells Sana he is expressing his anger by way of his navras which is a dance art . He says he doesn't want to stoop to their level by screaming but will express his displeasure throught this navras.
Urvashi says Imam says he is a pure veg but in the house he has only non veg .He does'nt have a microwave fridge geyser in the house but here he has bath only with hot water
12 pm - Imam has put on make up like a cat and all the hosuemattes are sitting at the dining table . He comes and stares at all housemates in the face . Sana laughs ,niketan tells him it is not funny and urvashi gives him a warning that if he comes any closer he will get it LOL
Urvashi tells Rajeev that duniya mein aaj tak koi hai nahi jo usse dara sakta hai .Imam kisses karishma's hand and she looks scared of him .
12.45 pm - Urvashi reads out a letter from BB saying that 11 weeks are spet in the house . All the facilities such as hot water , water supply etc will be cut off .Teh tasks name is  Kya Dhoya kya Paaya .BB will give 200 dirty clothes to the housemates  to was and iron . Then only they will be able to use one facility .Imam says first they should ask for drinking water ,gas and then fridge . Imam tells Urvashi that he doesn't want to upset her and she says he can never upset her and in fact she can LOL
1.15 pm - A siren is sounded and BB sends dirty clothes on a conveyor belt Only 3 people can wash clothes at one time . Ashka Urvashi and Delnaz start the task , Sapna says they should not fight with Imam because he changes in 10 minutes and talks as if nothing has happenned .
Imam tells Rajeev to empty his bucket of clothes and rajeev tells him that he is not his servant . 
2.15 pm - Rajeev gets a bucket outside and says Imam doesn;t have manners .They both say shut up shut up . Rajeev says 
Imam calls him a tuccha.Sapna says humne aisa kuch nahi kiya ki humko kisi ke maa se maafi maangni parey . He calls Sapna a hajaam .Sapna says Urvashi will never take a stand . Imam tells her to tell them and she says she is no one's teacher here . Imam says now he will show what a captain he is and he will reject their clothes because he has the power. Urvashi checks the clothes and urvashi tells him that he has a problem with rajeev why is he picking on them .
Sapna is washing clothes . Niketan tells rajeev not to iron first but wash clothes . Rajeev tells him not to teach him how to do work . He tells him he cannot be right all the time .
Niketan tells Del and karishma that rajeev has lost the plot and is screaming at him ,
Delu tells Rajeev why is he screaming and he says niketan is pushing him and why isn't he doing any work .
Niketan says that Imam will not be isolated but Rajeev will be . Imam is sleeping and all the housemates complain about him . BB announces that Imam is marraoing kharaata and has to be an active person in the task .
Rajeev and Sapna are super excited seeing Imam included in the task.
Delnaz calls Sana to have some food and tells Imam that he should remain out . Imam feels bad and comes in the kitchen and sees everyone eating together . Delnaz gets some food for him and he tells her not to speaak to him at all . She tells him that Bigg Boss has instructed him to be out all the time . He says she should have communicated and told him that this was Big Boss's order .
Later Imam tells Delnaz that she said three come in and you remain outside .
Delnaz tells Sana that it was not right . Sana says she likes Imam as a person .She says when the hamper was sent everyone had the cake excepting for Imam and aap log khaaye toh sahi usne khaaya toh ghalat Ouch
Precap -- Sapna fights with Karishma and says she is the biggest trouble maker to say that Imam had half a cake .So wot Ouch

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