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Bigg Boss Season 6 ~16th December 2012 ~Written Updates

Bigg Boss Season 6 
16th December 2012
Written Updates

Day 69 & 70 
After Santosh's eviction Imam gets emotional and says he should have been here and shouldn't have been asked to go Cry
4.30 pm -Vishal and Sana are having a conversation over tea. She says if anyone speaks to her and offers her films she would not like it . She is upset that Karishma had said that Vishal was touchy and tells him that he is the last one to know and the rest know  . She adds fire to the fuel and says that Karishma said that Vishal always stares at her and scares her Ouch. Vishal tells her she should have come and told him what karishma was speaking about him Ouch
8.15 pm - Imam is dressed like Sapna with red wig and tattoos on his hand and leg LOL He asks sana to give him a red lipstick to finish the look and says he wants to look fake just like Sapna . He starts dancing and sings ullu banaya bada mazaa aaya LOL
Bigg Boss announces that Urvashi is the best person in the Bigg Boss house till date from all seasons ,who has performed the task beautifully Clap. He gifts her safety from nomination for the week .Wink
Imam says she should have been given a cash amount and she says this respect is more than enough for me Star
11pm - Ashka is crying and she says mujhe ronay mein bhi darr lagta hai . CryDelnaz is consoling her and she says that she is feeling bad that it was a task .She had gone all out to patch up urvashi and delnaz and feels like a fool LOL
Day 70 
8 am - Wake up song is Dekha na haai re socha na hai re  . Imam wears his red wig again Big smile
10 pm - Delnaz tells Imam to remove his stuff from all seating areas because there is less space .Rajeev also tells him that its not his personal area.AngryImam says that he is being picked on and tells delu she is taking rajeev's support . Rajeev and sapna shout at him . Imam says he will not remove his stuff unless BB tells him to . He tells Sapna not to pick on him . 
She says you should dress more like me because the house needs 2 of us LOL
BB announces that he has seen housemates discussing nominations and tells them that this week they can openly discuss nominations and make  a strategy . 
Imam and Vishal talk about Niketan . Imam says sayantini had said niketan is a zehreela saanp . Star
Niketan is washing vessels and Imam says he is going to nominate Niketan . He sings nomination ke baat sunke kitna badal gaya insaan 
Later he is in the bedroom and tells niketan that is he feeling bad that he is going to be nominated by him . Niketan doesn't reply .ConfusedImam says ab pata chala kaisa lagta hai games khelne Confused
BB announces the Delnaz being the captain and Urvashi being the prize winner are safe . BB gives Delnaz  a special right and asks her to name someone who will be nominated directly . She names Imam and says he is not understanding the fact that everyone is trying to show him the correct way but he gets personal . He tells her to look in his eyes while talking Wink otherwise he cannot believe her crap Embarrassed
Imam is called to the confession room . BB ask him who he wants to nominate .He say Sapna because she makes personal attacks on him .Second name is Niketan because he is a big game player .
Sapna nominates Vishal and Sana
Sana nominates Karishma and Sapna 
Rajeev enters and says BB ne phaasa palat diya hai At the same time Imam says BB has turned the game and no one can nominate him . He nominates Vishal and Ashka . 
Niketan nominates Vishal and Sana
Rajeev says why is Niketan taking such a long time .Should we send his clothes out . 
Karishma nominates Sana and Niketan . 
While everyone is sitting out Imam says everyone has to see how Sayantini had fodoed Niketan's bhanda. Urvashi says that sayantini sweet banti thi niketan ke saath ulta uska futaa. 
Urvashi - Vishal and Rajeev 
Vishal - Rajeev (sabse badi aurat ) and Ashka(santosh ka badla) 
Ashka nominates Rajeev and Karishma 
2.15 pm - BB announces that the nomination process is over 
Imam , Vishal ,Rajeev and Sana are in the final nomination list 
4.15 pm - Imam reminds Delnaz that last week he had saved her and so she had become a captain . She tells him tumahre bhale ke liye hum boltey hain and he says aap apne bhaley ke liye socho mere nahi Clap
BB has given the housemates a puppets task . Urvashi has to show ashka and sana's friendship . Niketan has to show delu's and rajeevs relationship since the last 2 years . Imam has to show sapna's bathroom scene . 

Rajeev and delnaz are talking and rajeev says he doesn't want his personal life to be aired . Delnaz walks off and he shouts at her . 
10 pm - The stage is set 
Niketan and Vishal enact Rajeev's story -Rajeev aur Delu ki Prem kahani ka the endBig smile . Rajeev calling delu on the phone at 2 in the nite and then ringing her doorbell is enacted by sana as rajeev and ashka as delu . 
Imam is the puppeteer and delnaz enacts sapna . He talks about sapna not allowing men in the loo and creating a fuss and calls her a billi 
Urvashi and Karishma are the puppeteers and Rajeev is sana and Sapna plays Ashka . Both sticking to each other are shown all the time and whenever Urvashi says lights off both stick and cuddle  under the blankets . Embarrassed

10.45 pm - Imam asks Karishma what she felt on seeing his act . He had called sapna a billi and said he had heard this on the show. Urvashi tells him that  its a badword which he shouldn't have used . Imam asks Vishal what was the problem  and says that while rehearsing Delnaz should also have pointed it out . He apologises  to Sapna .Sapna's need is fulfilled by Vodafone and they will get hot water only for 24 hours .Sapna says she wished she would have said 24/7 instead of 24 LOL Karishma calls BB Smart Boss 

Precap - Imam tries to fight with Niketan who ignores him .Imam starts heckling Niketan and tells Ashka too ki mein purane gharwala Imam aa gaya hun aur santosh ne jitni izzat nahi utaari hogi ,utni utarunga .Ouch BB gives a chor police task. 

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