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BB6~Written Updates ~25th October 2012

25th October 2012 
Bigg Boss Season 6 
Written Updates 

Day 18 

8am- Wake up song is aa dekhein zara kismein kitna hai dum .LOL Laurel and Hardy --Delu and Sayantini dance. All the housemates wish each other happy dassera.
10.30 am- Aseem is lying on the grass and is singing kuchh iss tarah ..aisa lagta kisi ko kuch paisa fenkna chahiye as he is lying down bhikhari style LOL The camera zooms on the second hear no evil monkey ROFL ---the monkey with its finger in its ears Big smile
Sampat tells all the girls to write her letters once they are evicted .
Siddhu discusses about a 1989  court case where he was accused of murdering someone  Shocked He says it was a government conspiracy because they did'nt want  him to contest elections from Patiala .He was about to miss the West Indies match  because his passport was marked but because of the supreme court order he got saved . 
12.15pm- BB announces that he had given Urvashi a secret task of nominating captains and names Siddhu and Delnaz's  for captain elections . Siddhu straightaway says he does'nt want to contest Delnaz .ShockedNiketan tells him as it is he is the non playing captain of the house. Embarrassed
Siddhu tells urvashi he respects delu too much to stand against her . He says small things spoil the atmosphere of the house. Karishma tells him what's the big deal you have to just sleep in the captain's room and give orders. He tells her you be it and she says I want to be nominated LOL
6pm - BB wishes everyone a Happy dassera and asks them to appoint their captain 
Everyone takes Delnaz's name for captain Clap and BB congratulates her on being chosen as one .
Delu gives a thank you speech to everyone . She says we should introduce workshops other than the daily tasks . She says vrajesh and she will have acting workshops . Sapna will  select one housemate for the week and give a makeover .Sayantini and sana will introduce the bollywood dance element . 
Siddhu tells Rajeev that he cannot find even one fault in Delu she is so nice .EmbarrassedRajeev laughs and says yes he is the only one who can find faults. LOL the faulter  Confused
He speaks to her in the lawn area and says she is doing a good and constructive job.ClapShe says she is doing this to avoid groupism 
5pm- Vrajesh and Delu want to enact Ramlila and decide who to assign the roles . 
6pm- Bb sends mithais ,gifts and stuff for the ramlila and also for dassera . 
BB has sent poha, sabudana coffee etc and poor siddhu is still yearning and searching for his green tea.Cry
Sidhu tells Sampat that she should not change how she is . He tells her she is a dabanng woman  and should not lose that essence .He tells her not to feel cornered by anyone .
8pm- All the housemates are getting ready for their play . Urvashi enacts Raavan Ouch Sampat - plays suparkhan  -(raavan's sister) . Ashka plays raavan's wife -mandotri 
Karishma -Ram  Sayantini -Laxman and delu is hanuman LOLSana Khan plays kumbhakaran Smile
9.15 pm - BB likes everyone's performance and tells them to have a workshop. He wants them to purify their minds and vent out their hidden emotions. 
9.30 pm - Delnaz says she felt very bad and cried because she felt torn between her best friend and her ex husband when they had the anda fight .Embarrassed
Ashka says she felt about the coffee incident and feels bad for not talking to niketan for 4 days and apologises to him . 
She also feels bad because since the day urvashi was nominated she did'nt change even one bit of behaviour  with her Confused.She promises to keep up with the friendship.
Urvashi says she never has expected anything out of anyone ever in her life and she has been with the housemates only for 15 days . She  thanks ashka for her friendship Smile
Sana says she feels bad that Karishma did'nt vote for her .She feels bad that inspite of staying for 15 days in the house no one liked her Cry .She says she is very sensitive and has been very unlucky in friendships and has always been backstabbed .She takes everyone as family .
Karishma says she felt left out when sana was in the kitchen department and had felt that she had become popular that's why she did'nt vote for her .She apologises to Sana for making her cry . 
Siddhu says he has never got so much respect the way he has got from the housemates .Even his family has never loved and respected him so much .He says its an investment and will always fulfill the relationship he has with all the housemates .Clap
Vrajesh apologises to Sidhu for feeling that he is arrogant 
Sapna says she did'nt like ashka's meethi dal. LOL
11.30pm- Rajeev walks into a door and his nose starts bleeding. 

Precap- Karishma and Sapna talk in english with their hands covering the mike and Bigg Boss tells Aseem and Siddhu to decide the punishments Ouch

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