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Bigg Boss Season 6 ~10th January 2012~Written Updates

Bigg Boss Season 6 
10th January 2013
Written Updates

Finale Week 

Day 95 
8 am- Wake up song is 93.5 Red Fm jingle Smile Imam says good morning to everyone. RJ Mallishka laughs and says she expected to hear Imam's voice first . LOLShe makes all the housemates say goodmorning to the viewers and says hi to Niketan and praises his  lambe model wali tang Tongue
She asks Rajeev Why he talks bad - He says its a constant pressure and Imam interrupts in between  .Rajeev says because you keep on talking this happens .Rajeev tells him to walk out of the show. Mallishka praises Urvashi who says she hardly loses her cool unless she is provoked.Again Imam interrupts and Urvashi says either you talk or I will . Angry
Imam says Niketan is not fit to be in the game and all heckle him. He leaves the room and  all clap . ClapHe goes and sits on the throne in the garden and Mallishka tells him to go back in the house so that she can talk in front of everyone .
She says he has made rajeev's life dahi ,removed rotis from the dustbin smelled them too LOLetc . She says despite all this he is very entertaining. LOL She signs off and Imam again sings Dhol baja diya LOL
BB calls housemates to the garden area and gives them an opportunity to take Rs. 10 lakh if they want, and walk out of the show immediately . If anyone wishes to do so they have to make 2 housemates agree because  the amount will be deducted from the winner's prize money LOL
Rajeev asks Urvashi if she would agree to let someone take the money and she says she does not think it is right. Star
4.15 pm- BB announces that turn by turn they have to take names of who they won't to talk to for the entire day . Smile
Urvashi takes Rajeev's name .
Niketan - Urvashi 
Rajeev- Imam 
Sana -Imam 
Imam - Sana 
BB makes Urvashi read out a letter which says that in terms of the maximum votes Imam will be invisible today . They have to ignore him completely . The task is called Bigg Boss ka Mr. India . Imam has to get a reaction out of housemates and in turn they have to not react to him at all .Confused No Physical contact is allowed in the game . 
Imam comes whistling in the kitchen and takes a pan of marinated chicken outside in the garden . He hides it in the garden . 
He takes Sana's teddybear ,wraps it in a towel and hides it . Sleepy
He carries a red suitcase and keeps it in the bathroom . He puts on a red wig and wears a blanket on him. takes another suitcase and keeps it in the bathroom .ConfusedNiketan is shaving and looks irritated . Sana hides her make up in her bed and says kaise din aa gaye hain khud ka saaman hi chhipana par raha hai .Star Niketan wants to enter his bedroom and Imam doesn't allow him .Imam goes to take something from niketan's bed and niketan hits him lightly on his head. Imam says you cannot hit me on my head .AngryNiketan calls Rajeev and rajeev tells sana that he just remembered that Sidhu had said Savaari apni saaman ki rakhsha khud karey thats why he won't go in Big smile.  Rajeev and Sana sing rehne doh chhoro bhi jaane doh yaar .. 
Niketan blocks his door and Imam pushes him . Imam removes Niketan's bedding and keeps it in the garden Shocked He takes his perfume ,after shave and  shoes . He goes to take Niketan's clothes and Nik pushes him . He tells him not to touch his personal stuff.Ouch Again Imam tries to take some stuff and niketan doesn't let him come to the room . Rajeev  just looks on  and doesn't try to save niketan .Shocked BB announces that Imam and Niketan have to go to the confession room. Rajeev tells niketan that he didn't interfere because he was following the task . DeadBoth are in the confession room . 
BB says that both should not do anything which causes any kind of violence .Only 2 days are remaining and they have to live in discipline . BB says he will have to take strict action if they don't listen to him .Imam walks off and Niketan says sorry to BB and thanks him for intervening. Confused
Niketan comes out and says that Imam could cause potential damage . Niketan shows scratches on his hands and tells the rest of the housemates that whatever Imam is doing is uncalled for . Imam shows Rajeev his bag and says where has he caused damage to it ,he tells Sana that he has not even damaged her teddy bear. Confused
He says ab urvashi ke muunh pe taala lagega . Confused
Nik says that 11th night  will be the last night in the house.He will burn all Imam's wigs and make a bonfire out of it . Confused
Imam warns Niketan that if he touches him once again he will get 50 lakh ka phatka . Angry
Niketan tells BB that he is scared of Imam's dhamki. Confused
Imam says Delnaz was evicted because of urvashi ,and now he will take her class. Wink
Urvashi tells Niketan that Imam task nahi kar raha tha ,khunas nikaal raha tha . Ouch
6.30 pm -All the housemates are in the garden area and Imam has blocked the entrance so that no one can enter in . Urvashi says she wants to take water from inside and addresses BB to tell Imam to remove the stuff . 
7pm - BB announces that the task Mr .India is over . Urvashi tells Imam rudely to remove his stuff . OuchHe removes his stuff and Urvashi tells BB to tell him to remove it soon . She says she is feeling thirsty . He tells her shaanti and she says meri bhi aunty hai . She shouts at  him and calls him a double loser . He removes his stuff and she continues arguing with him. Niketan says he will get the water and she should remain outside since Imam is standing at the door. 
Imam says as salaam alaikum to sana and she doesn't reply . Imam says muunh pe bhi zip hai akal pe bhi. LOLHe tells Urvashi ki aapne iraada badal diya andar aane ka . 
7.30 pm - BB announces that Imam and Niketan showed violent behaviour . Niketan should not have pushed Imam and Imam should not have instigated him. He says that only 2 days are left and he doesn't want to take any strict action . If they don't abide by the rules they can leave the house just now. Imam gets up saying this is how he is and he will not change and goes towards the entrance . The doors slide open and Imam says he is a khiladi and he is a palyer and won't leave the show. LOL
10.30 pm - Imam is washing vessels and Urvashi is heating rotis . Imam says that he knows she likes him and let bygones be bygones . This is a game why is she taking everything so seriously .
She has dinner and Imam sits by her on the dining table and tells her to forget everything. Star
10.45 pm - Urvashi tells Sana that Imam was behind her telling her to forget thing and its just a game .She says she doesn't like that Imam told
Rajeev kriyakaram karunga etc. Sana says let it be he is mad . He was also telling her that he knows where and how she has got all her stuff EmbarrassedUrvashi says till now she has been nice but  she won't be nice anymore . Angry

Precap - BB gives the housemates a Aakhri Bhadaas task . A dummy with Imam's face is tied and all vent out their bhadaas on him. They hit the dummy give it badwords and Niketan puts shoes on him . Ouch

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